Monday, September 28, 2015

Oh Loki, My Fluffy Little Boy!

My Christmas Helper
September 22nd, 2015... it started out just like any other Tuesday - work, play with the cats, a little more work... watch a couple of movies with the cats (is there a common thread here?)... and then as we were readying the downstairs for bed, everything in our house went quite pear shaped and my fluffy boy died in my arms.

Happy boy!
Loki was my fluffy, fluffy boy - always happy, forever stuck in kittenhood due to a very serious illness he suffered in his early months that left him with mild brain damage. He was a perpetual toddler and everything was new and wonderful each time he awoke from a nap.

That dreadful day he was his usual playful self right up until the end. He spent his day napping in the sun, playing with his sister, and hanging out in the garage checking up on his motorcycles. He loved motorcycles more than any cat I've ever known! He was always ready to watch MotoGP. Need to work on one of the bikes? Better leave the door into the house open so he could come and check up on your progress and manage those bolts for you!


Just before it happened he had hopped up on the sofa to watch the end of 'Top Gun' with us. He was cuddling, stealing popcorn, and being his usual adorable self. Then he hopped off the sofa and acted as if he had a hairball. The next thing we knew he had fluid coming from his mouth and collapsed. I scooped him up, hugged him tight, and soothed him telling him how perfect he was - for he was absolutely perfect. And then he was gone and with him, a huge part of my world. His sister also stayed with him, right up until the end. The vet said it was congestive heart failure. Was giving it a name supposed to magically cause it to make sense? I think not.

Unofficial Shoei Inspector

Not finding his tufts of fluff in my helmet feels so strange.

I miss him more than words can ever express. I have 2 other cats, but this little guy held a huge part of my heart in his overly fluffy paws and he took that with him.