Monday, August 31, 2015

It's not a scratch, it's a beauty mark!

No my bike does not have scratches! It has beauty marks! At least that's how I refer to them. Honestly, I can't say that I know one rider that hasn't dropped a bike or two in their day. We're not talking tales of the 'I had to lay her down' sort because there is never a situation where it's a good idea to intentionally turn a several hundred pound chunk of metal into an uncontrolled sliding projectile. We're talking about those 'Doh!' moments where you fall over at or near a complete stop because sometimes bikes just need a little nap.

Nothing hides a little scuff like a big, pink hibiscus! 
I've managed to drop my Ninja not once, but twice. The first time I had just over 100 miles on the odometer when I toppled over while dismounting the bike because I forgot to put the kickstand down. That one resulted in a bent shifter and clutch lever. The shifter I was able to straighten out, the clutch lever wasn't so lucky. Good thing that OEM part is quite reasonably priced! The second time was at a stop light with uneven pavement. The ground was just a wee bit further away than my 28" inseam was anticipating. Had I used the tripod method (scoot off the seat, left foot down, right still on the pegs) I would've been just fine. Ah well, live and learn then get stickers! At least that mishap only cost me a little of my pride.

The next time your bike decides to take a nap, take heart in knowing your not alone - we've all done it and we'll do it again. It's heartbreaking the first time it happens, after that you sort of just sort of start accepting it as being part of owning a motorcycle. The only way to keep a bike pristine is to never ride or touch it and where's the enjoyment there?